Color is not the exact science as it is still evolving.

Although it is a necessary part of any product development i.e. design, print, fashion, apparels, project management, brainstorming, conceptualisation, ideation, education, home office, small office to large corporates.

Color has always been a “Bone of Contention” for the creative diaspora and technologists. 

Sukhvinder Singh

Designer • Trainer • Image Consultant • Product Developer

Dear Friends,

When it comes to working with colors, these are the conditions and situations that influence the color/product development and its processes.

Color Problems

Light & Environment

Influence the color we see and decide


on which the color is produced influences our decision

Deterioration by Time

Color tends to loose its strength by virtue of time and weather.


Two individuals will perceive same color differently


Color change as per the Production processes.


Color vocabulary changes often from one situation to another


Color transaction is challenging to communicate. Need technical assistance.


Reproduction of colors is challenging, due to inadequate processes and standards

Through out my career of last 24 years I have seen and experienced these problems consistently and their adverse impact on the business. My hands on experience in the various industries has helped me understand the issues and develop tools and processes that have reduced these problems considerably as far as Color Application and Color Communication is concerned.


There has always been a struggle between the Creative team and the production. Creative team has work as per design briefs to decide a color,  where as the production teams are shackled by Creative team’s requirement and technical limitations of production processes. Hence, they end up compromising. This is commonly observed, through out the world, no matter how advanced the technology has become, Color has always been a “Bone of Contention” for the technologists. Solution lies in working around the problem.


Hence, having experienced the problem areas, I was inspired to identify possibilities of bridging the gaps and create simple solutions that could solve or reduce the complications of Color Application and Color Communication for the masses.

Color Communication is one of the reasons behind the color problems apart from other technical reasons. As said earlier COLOR is not an exact science, it is still evolving. There are a lot of “ifs” and “buts” to this subject. How ever if we pay slight attention to the way we communicate colors and also learn the very basics of CMYK color science(CMYK is the most widely used color ink standard for maximum printing and product development). Whatever color accuracy and mastery that has been achieved till date is on this CMYK color Model, which is subtractive color model. It works on the same logical equations of the world that actually mimics a real world artist or painters color medium. Then comes specialised Inks, like Pantone which is a very viable solution for color achievement, BUT, it is expensive and has its own limitations.

Simple, Easy, Efficient and Effective


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