College Ready

Each year millions of families send their children off to college—taking the leap to a new, unknown environment and likely to face new routines, new attitudes and perspectives and new stressors. Young adults can be especially susceptible to feeling nervous and at times inadequate during this transition. This is also because parents and schools have cushioned the children such that it places them in a comfort zone that has weakened the child’s ability to understand and adapt to the new, unknown environment. 

This transition, if handled properly, with preparations and planning, can give better results, not only academically or career wise but as a human being also. This could be the break-through time for the children. If parents and teachers work together in sync to give a creative transition to the students it can be the turning point for their children.

Issues that the child is facing in the school or at home, can be handled in this school to college transition. It can be on all spheres of a child’s life. It can prove to be the Reinvention of your child,

We at PROFOUND PERSONA, help children to understand and create their own transitions maps. that will take care of the human side of the transition. The education and career side of this already done by the schools and parents, since this is the prime focus of majority of the parents and schools. This self development aspect is ignored.

Let us give your child a new perspective to look at this important phase of their life and sail through, triemphantly…

Target Audience

Senior School Students  |  Vocational Training Institutes  |  Tuition Centres  |  College Freshers

Take Back

 Manage their transition from school to college  |  Better Confidence  |  Create a better appearance  |  Give the control of life to the child and grow  |  Responsibility

Sessions Details


School Phase

What the school life has been up till now, with a fresher perspective.

Why. How it is important for them to plan and use this transition to college to their advantage

Change and Adaptation

Know your Paradigm

Learn your current paradigmn and the impact of the change of this paradigm.

Its importance and preparations

Introduction to self development

Prepare for the college


The new study environment

Optimum use of time and schedule

 Better look and appearance.

Staying abreast with the social environment 

Make your Mark

First impresion

After making your first impression, learn to carry it forward consistently.

Make optimum use of the college phase to think, plan and execute your next move. 

For Individual and Group Sessions

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