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Graphic Designer


  • Are you intrigued by the word “Graphics Designer”?
  • Does the colourful world of Graphic Designing catch your fancy every time you see or think about it?
  • Do you want to explore the possibility in you, of being a Graphic Designer?

Graphics Ready

Let us give you in’s and out’s of the Graphics Industry to help you decide, whether it is meant for you or not,
Are you Graphics Ready…

This session contains:

Introduction to and Graphics Designing Industry

Everything in this world is a result of a designing and graphic representation. It has been and will always be. Graphics designing will never be out of fashion and is ever evolving.

Qualifications and skills

There is no qualification for Graphic Designing, it is totally a skill based field. we will guide you as in what is needed to be a  graphics designer.

Identifying the Graphic Designer in you

There are a few traits, some pre-requisites to graphic designing. one by one we will uncover these traits and pre-requisites to help you identify the Graphic designers in you.

Earnings of a Graphics Designer

Being a graphic designer is a very satisfying job. it is also a well paid job compared to other careers. 

Let us make you understand your earning capacity and those extra take backs of being a graphic designer.

Graphics as business

As good it is a job careerwise. it is equally a good business. Understand Graphics Designing as a business and its various business models.

Future of a Graphic Designer

As we had earlier said It is ever evolving and forever to stay. Let us give you a vision of the Graphics Industry and is potential and possibilities.

Students Speak

"I was very sceptic about deciding to get into the field of Graphic Designing, as Institutes were giving me a very rosy picture about the Graphics Industry as a career, Where as, after conversing with the graphics designers and experts in the industries I got a different view, leaving me confused. Then I took this complementary session from Sukhvinder ji.
I am now clear, Graphic Designing is the right direction for me and Sukhvinder's Graphics Course is empowering me with all the tools and practical knowledge he is imparting. I keep evaluating my learning from time to time and find myself at par with others or even better.
I highly recommend this course for beginners specially.
Graphic Artist

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