Wardrobe Segregation Bag(Set of 4)

6,000.00 6,000.00

A set of Four Big Bags, that will give your process of Wardrobe Segregation a systematic, professional look. Customise your Message on the bags with your name or company logo, to make it your own product.

A must have for Wardrobe Evaluation.


Wardrobe Segregation bag-1

Good handy tool for image consultants doing wardrobe evaluation for the clients.

A set of four bags each clearly mentions

1. Clothes I Like
2. Clothes I Dont Like
3. Clothes I Cant decide
4. Consultants Recommendation

This will not leave any scope of confusions as the open heaps of clothes get messy.

Give the process of “Wardrobe Evaluation” an easy and professional look.


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