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Beginning as a Graphic Designer

It has just been more than 25years that the world has seen such a fast change in the socio-economic paradigm, which is equivalent of more than 150 year of development. From a toddler like experience with computers in 1990s to a pro level expertise in 2019. A lot has changed, I mean A LOT has changed. I am sure many of the readers of this blog would not even be able to comprehend what I am saying as they missed a significant part of the hardware and software developmental transformation in the world and in India too. I remember my very first Home Computer that my brother bought, It was an intel 386 processor with 2 MB RAM, 40 MB Hard disk, VGA monitor. I was astonished with the binary song the vendor played on the brand new PC . It caught our fancy immediately. This was the point when I decided I have to make computers my way of life. This was a time, when everything in India was in its blooming stage, internet revolution had just begun, Multimedia, Web and WAP were the buzz words. 3D and multimedia animation was popular. Current generation can’t even think off, what it felt like to work on a coloured monitors and listen to music while learning software. Everything was fresh, exciting and magnificent.

MS DOS(Disk Operating System) from Microsoft.
Lotus 123 Spreadsheets from Lotus Corporation
DBase III from DBase – Database Management System

I started my computer endeavour with a Basic Computer Course in Business Computing. Course had DOS, WordStar, Lotus123, dBase and after six months I was literate enough to find out, this was not my call and I needed something more creative, hence ended up taking a course in Multimedia, learned windows 2.5, Corel Draw 2.00, Animator Pro, 3D Studio(Dos interface) and sound editing and video conversion. I learned it such that I ended up teaching in another institute. And After a year I ended up taking graphic designing as my profession. The only goal I had in my mind was to be the best graphics designer and learn whatever and everything that came my way. Polished my hardware and software skills, and printing and designing knowledge as well. I have always had this thirst and hunger to know more, learn more, upgrade to the latest hardware and software, keep up with the latest in the industry, the latest the competitors had.

Autodesk 3D Studio Rel.4 a 3D Design platform for 3D Graphics and Motion Graphics
CorelDraw 2.0 Graphic Design a lay-outing software.
Animator Pro for 2D Animations

Kept learning, kept upgrading and kept practicing and most importantly I kept on sharing my knowledge and understanding selflessly. Earned a strong reputation, goodwill and respect in the industry. Diversified from sheet feed digital Color Laser printers as a graphic designer to roll fed large format Inkjet Digital printers as a Studio Manager, after a time of five years changed job and further diversified to Head of Signage and Graphics. Now I was looking after Selling and support services for Japanese Brand Digital Solvent Printers and designing and printing on textiles. After a period of 3 years, I took the most important job profile with One of the top Fashion labels in country as a Fashion Print Designer. I was instrumental in creating India’s first High Fashion ready to wear digital printed designer collections and within a year setup a full-fledged design studio, now I was part of glamour industry and creating fashion collections and all the service support for shows and events, media and publicity.

Digital Printed Top Dress

This continued for three years and the company offices shifted to adjoining city (Gurgaon), Once again I was given a chance to prove myself. I took over the I.T. department of the company. I was responsible for all the technical support and providing the ERP and IT infrastructure to the organization apart from my regular Head of Graphics studio responsibilities.

In March 2012, I decided to start on my own. Hence, I quit my 9 to 5 job with these two healthy running department and after a break of a month. I ventured into Freelance Designer. Also Got a certificate in Image Consulting and Softskill Training. I am . Visiting Faculty with one of the premier Fashion Institutes in India, taking Classes for Product Development.

This introduction was felt mandatory, as to many things that I plan to put in my preceding blogs will be derived from my past experience in the various verticals I have worked and over the time I have accumulated a lot of experience which I feel, I must share and help develop a conscious thought process for the upcoming graphic designers and similar aspiring people who are planning  to getting into the wonderful world of  Graphics and allied Industry.

BY this blog I wish to touch each and very aspect of the trade, from ground to the top most layers. From learning to working to business, technical to creative aspects, behavior to communication, health and fitness for Graphics Designers, customer services to client hunting, service provider to service buyer, jobber to freelancer to business…

Do share your value-able feedback. I accept criticism and appreciation with folded hands, suggestions and questions are all welcome.

Thanks for reading through.

Cheers and Lot of Love

All images above belong to their respective owners. It is only for informative purpose.

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Hello from Profound Persona

Hi!! I am Sukhvinder

My 20+ years of regular Job life brings me experience in Fashion Design, Graphic Designing, Printing, Product Development, Training and Mentoring.

Since 2012, after quitting my regular job, I have been in Skill Development and Training under my proprietorship concern – PROFOUND PERSONA.

We help our younger generation to be more productive and smart with our trainings and skill development sessions. We specially like to touch the untouched parts of human life in personal and professional levels. Like, a graphics designer is not a graphics designer only, he/she is also a father, mother, son, daughter, brother,sister, husband, wife, friend, lover, relative etc. etc. etc… Here we mentor a Graphic Designer for is Graphics Designing skills PLUS we mentor them for being productive, future oriented, setting professional goals and personal goals, maintaining work life balance, and most important managing themselves by educating them How to keep fit, Graphic designer have long sitting hours, how to handle fatigue, keep healthy, taking care of your body, maintaining focus, being emotionally intelligent, being a good communicator and so on. 

These aspects of one’s life are always ignored, and fast paced work-life pressure seldom give you time to look into these aspects, which impacts productivity they tend to loose focus and experience depressions, disorders, illnesses, messed up life etc. We at Profound Persona, highlight these issues, train and mentor them for a healthy work-life balance for well being and manifesting their own profound persona in the world. My qualification as an Image Consultant, Soft Skill Trainer and Fashion and design background, helps me give them the required mentoring in looking their best elevate their profoundness quotients in life.

If I am not training….in my free time I love to take projects to create print designs for garments, home furnishings, communication designs like websites, brochures, Posters, invitations, packaging I do this in the name of PROFOUND DESIGNS. I specialize in Product Development. I have created products for image consultants that are easy and practical to use. I take challenging projects to learn more n more out of these challenges and keep up to date with the latest trends and technology.

Love being creative and practical in my approach towards everything… I prefer thinking out of the box and always be in learning and evolving mode.

This blog is an endeavor to bring forward content from the world of Image Consulting, Personal Coaching, Fashion, Product Development, Designing and Printing. BY this blog I ALSO wish to touch each and every aspect of the trade, from ground to the top most layers. From learning to working to business, technical to creative aspects, behavior to communication, health and fitness for Graphics Designers, customer services to client hunting, service provider to service buyer, jobber to freelancer to business owners…

So do bookmark this Blog and keep visiting regularly for more interesting, useful, learning content.

 All feedback, questions and queries are welcome by heart.