Waterite Controller

A.I. will manage your daily
Watertank chores

Artificial Intelligence

Schedule your device, for water fill-up

Add the time of the day, when you want the watter tank will be filled

and F O R G E T

Waterite with do all the rest

Water check • Water supply •  Tank filled • Tank Empty
Water supply interrupted • Watter Supply resumed
No Electricity • Restart to Electricity • Water Level Check
and More


I have used and checked the Waterright for last 1 year, Believe me, I have not Gone up the terrace for water check etc. at all. for last seven eight months.

Its Hassel freen

Sukhvinder singh

I always forgot to fill up the water tank, and ended up water less,

Now, i am always Waterite…


I am able to go for morning walks and use the time for recreation. Earlier would have to wait in alert more to check the water supply and switch on and off the motor and water valves etc.

Waterite is made it all so convenient,

Ashok Marwah

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Waterite, I had to juggle all my various tasks in the morning centered arround Water fillups and off.
Waterite, simply eliminated the morning hassel. Now I just wakeup and organise my daily life without bothering about my water supply and water vows.”

About us

We are 35year old solutions provider to many a technology firms, we have been the brains behind major projects. Off late, a unique Idea intregued us to produce this solution that will bring in a revolutionary change about the way we see the mornings.

Waterite is that product.

Currenty ……

Our mission

Our mission is to save the entire world the time and hassle of water management and inturn save water too.

Our offer

Dealership enquiries solicited